Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photos & Videos of the Convocation

This site will stay up into next year but we (John's immediate family) will likely not be posting much more here. Recently John Jr. uploaded his video of the Convocation to a vimeo web page along with photos taken of the speakers and some guests. Video shot by the University staff may be available in the near future, if so we'll post it here if possible. Follow the links at the bottom of this post to view videos and photos.

We have been so grateful for everyones kind words and concerns. We've all suffered a terrible loss, in the process of grieving that loss we've been shown time and time again the profound impact John Sr. had on so many people.

Thanks again to all of you,
The Flynn Family

Click here to view a video of the Convocation in three parts.
Click here to view photos of the Convocation.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Poem from Convocation

Several people asked if I would repost a poem I wrote and read at the convocation. We hope to post other transcripts and photos/video from the event soon. Thanks again to everyone who participated and attended. We are all so deeply appreciative of everyone who was a part of the convocation.

Poem for Dad

I spent my first Fathers Day without you
with my son at my side,
wondering where you were.

Children don’t allow loneliness to enter the day,
so I dreamed of you
raising hell somewhere new and interesting.

You are the fiery ocean foam at sunset.
You are an autumn wave.
You are the way salt water tastes
on dry lips.

Today I understand something
you tried so hard to teach me,
a secret other Fatherless Fathers know.
We matter less and less each day,
and therein lies the joy.

Dad’s love and let go,
finally happy to make more room
by dissolving into the churning brine
from which everything comes.

You are in the moments when
there is no space between
me and my son.
You are in the Father I am becoming,
and the mystery of what comes after that.